Groupon Kim Crawford Pinot Noir Wine - 3 Pack


Kim Crawford Pinot Noir Wine - 3 Pack

The vineyards of Kim Crawford are located in outstanding, predominantly coastal sites. The grapes benefit from long days, clean sea breezes and crisp nights. In combination with New Zealand’s long and dry autumn season, our grapes ripen slowly, which allows them to build flavor intensity as well as develop a sophisticated acidity. In the end, it is this unique combination of factors–from regions and soils, to temperatures and growth rates–that give Kim Crawford a perfect balance of fruit and acidity.

Featured Wines include:
(3) Kim Crawford Pinot Noir: Lifted red berry fruit aromas with dark cherry notes, complemented by savory undertones and spicy oak. Ripe, dark berry flavors of blackberry and black currant. Subtle hints of oak help fill out the palate.

Ideal with herb-crusted racks of lamb, mushroom risotto, or all on its own!
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