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Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most recognized and highly-acclaimed red wine grape varietal in the world. The grape is grown in nearly all of the top wine producing regions and countries. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietal is usually full-bodied, acidic, and is high in tannins and because of this the Cabernet is able to age very well, lasting over 30 years or more for the highest quality of Cabernets. You can now find high quality Cabernet Sauvignons from regions and countries such as Napa Valley, Alexander Valley, Paso Robles, Chile, Tuscany, Australia, South Africa, and more. Napa Valley Cabernets include some of the world's highest acclaimed and sought after wines due to the typical quality of wine that comes from the region, with a lot of the wines being perfect for long ageing processes.

When drinking a Cabernet Sauvignon, you're going to experience the deep red color, tannins, and acidity with tasting notes and aromas of plum, currant, tobacco, and blackberry.

The perfect food pairing for a Cabernet Sauvignon is with meaty dishes such as steak, lamb, beef stews, etc. because of the tannins and the full-bodied characteristics. With a lighter dish, it is very likely that the flavors of the dish will be overpowered by the Cabernet.