Spain is the third largest wine producing country and has been producing wine for centuries. In fact, they have been producing wine for so long, nobody quite knows who brought wine making to the region or when. By the time the Romans arrived 3,000 years ago, wine was already being bartered and traded. The only other countries beating Spain in wine production is Italy and France.It has almost 3 million acres of wine grapes planted making it the country with the most wine grapes planted in the world. The reason Spain falls in wine production is due to their hot and dry climate which makes the yield much lower than other regions. 


With all that land, Spain produces over 400 different varieties of wine but a vast majority are from a few more well known grapes. With the climate being so hot and dry, Spain produces many bold and heavy red wines. The varietals Spain is most well known for are Tempranillo and Garnacha which are often blended to make Rioja.

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