Ars Collecta Rose - 750 ML

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Ars Collecta Rosé showcases the artistry of Codorníu's cava-making tradition with a focus on expressing the depth and versatility of the Pinot Noir grape. This rosé cava is distinguished by its bright pink hue, lively effervescence, and aromatic profile of red berries, cherries, and a hint of floral undertones. On the palate, it offers a harmonious blend of freshness, acidity, and a subtle creamy complexity, making it both refined and delightful. The Ars Collecta Rosé is a testament to Codorníu's dedication to creating exceptional cavas that capture the essence of their heritage and innovation. Ideal as an aperitif or paired with light appetizers, seafood, or berry-based desserts, this rosé cava adds a touch of sophistication and joy to any occasion.

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