Offley Porto Tawny NV - 750 ML

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Tasting Notes For Offley Porto Tawny NV

Offley Porto Tawny NV presents itself as a symphony of russet and amber hues, capturing the essence of its diverse blend. The nose is a delightful overture of dried figs and apricots, gracefully intertwined with subtle hints of marzipan and a touch of warm baking spices. A distinct whiff of candied orange peel adds a citrusy brightness, creating an aromatic composition that is both inviting and distinctive.

On the palate, this Tawny Port reveals a fascinating interplay of flavors. Velvety toffee and caramel dance gracefully, accompanied by a subtle undercurrent of roasted hazelnuts and a trace of allspice. The wine's textural richness is harmoniously balanced, and each sip unveils a nuanced evolution that speaks to its unique composition

Winery Offley
Country Portugal
Region Duoro Valley
Year NV
Grape Varietal Port
Size 750 ML
ABV 19%
Wine Style Dessert Wine

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